Congratulations on your engagement! Congratulations on being in the land of love and excitement! Now let's get down to the business of Legally 'Getting Hitched', so the world can recognise your awesome relationship and you can change your status on facebook! LOL!

Now where does one legally go from here!!? Well you can get married in Australia 1 month after you've submitted your NOIM to your Celebrant, in our case you will send it through to our office and Benjamin Carlyle will lodge your NOIM. This is the first legal step in your paperwork trail and really not that stressful at all. Please Note - No NOIM 30 days before your date of Marriage means no Legal Wedding on your big day!! What is the NOIM?

The ceremony will also include the Monitum, the current Law of Marriage in Australia that states:

"Marriage according to the Law in Australia is between 2 people, to the exclsuion of all others, voluntarilly entered into for life!

In Australia it is necessary to include the following in your vows.  Besides these words, the rest is up to you. Party 1 must say to Party 2I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, (Party 1 full name), take you, (Party 2 full name), to be my lawful wedded Husband/ Wife/ Spouse. And then Party 2 will repeat this statement in reverse.

Before your ceremony kicks off the celebrant will witness any of your legal documents that still need witnessing - ID, Divorce Certificates and any paperwork that needs resovling. ID wise a celebrant can accept a Passport or a Birth Certificate coupled with your current Drivers Licence. Passport trumps all forms of ID

  • The Celebrant will be ready to rumble 20 minutes prior to your ceremony time, please don't be too late, it's no fun for anyone!
  • We will have an awesome Battery Powered PA on board, with it's wireless microphone (if required, not all ceremonies will need the mic) and the ability to play your ceremony music from any device that plays music!
  • We will have printed copies of your Vows and all of the legal paperwork to sign in the ceremony.
  • We will need 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to witness the signing of these documents and to hear the legal statements in the ceremony. We can supply the witnesses if you're without. In the case of Legals Only we would utilise people in the near vicinity.
  • Once the couple are Officially Married, the Photoshoot begins and the vibes are high - we will depart the scene with this paperwork, gather the other documents and send this to the Births Deaths and Marriages, BDM, in the State of which the marriage was conducted.

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