We quite often get emails of enquiry asking us: When's the best time of year to get Hitched in Paradise!?

If we could control the weather we would truly be kings, but truth be told it can rain on any given day of the year, just as much as we can be blessed with sunshine and offshore winds! One thing for sure is that the 'winter' up in this region is where we might put a jumper on at night and a doona on our bed for 10 days of the calendar!! Compared to the southern states with their artic winds and heated bathroom floors, we live the endless summer and winter is historically a dry and very temperate time of the year to visit. In summer it can get a touch warmer and the humidity that helps to keep our region so lush and green can come into play! The graph below states the bare facts, these stats are for Byron Bay but also apply to the Gold & Tweed Coast.

Average Temperatures & Rainfall for Byron Bay. As supplied by BOM.

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